The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas’ (CPRIT’s) institutional ethics and compliance program is established to ensure the integrity and transparency of CPRIT’s agency processes and is a critical component of the agency’s internal control processes and absolutely necessary as the agency is entrusted with taxpayer funds.

Ethics and compliance activities have been a function of CPRIT since inception. The Oversight Committee sets the culture of compliance along with the Board Governance and Ethics Subcommittee and requires the highest degree of ethical behavior and conduct that promotes and preserves public trust, proper stewardship and confidence in the integrity of CPRIT.

Vince Burgess
Chief Compliance Officer

Grantee Training Webinars

Join CPRIT for a webinar designed to support current grantees in successfully navigating compliance and reporting requirements. The training will include an overview of required reporting, recent administrative rule changes, common reporting errors, and a Q&A with staff.

CPRIT's administrative rule (§ 703.22) requires all CPRIT grantees to complete an annual compliance training by November 1st of each year. The Authorized Signing Official (ASO) and at least one other individual from each organization must attend the annual compliance training. Attendance in CPRIT hosted webinars will satisfy the training requirement for 2017.

CPRIT's webinars are designed to help current grantees successfully navigate compliance and reporting requirements. The training includes an overview of required reports, helpful hints, do’s and don’ts, a review of the top 5 compliance monitoring findings, recent administrative rule changes, and a Q&A with staff. CPRIT staff participating in the webinar will include representatives from the compliance department, program staff, operations staff, and the legal department.

The next training webinar will occur Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 1:30-3:30pm, CST.

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Resources for Training Webinars


Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 102


Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Chapters 701 – 703

Code of Conduct and Ethics

CPRIT Oversight Committee Code of Conduct

Grant Policy Guides


Waiver for Donald Brandy (PDF)

Waiver for Dr. Becky Garcia (PDF)

Waiver for Dr. John Hellerstedt (PDF)

Waiver for Amy Mitchell (PDF)

Waiver for Will Montgomery (PDF)


CPRIT has the statutory authority to solicit and accept gifts and grants from any source; however CPRIT may not supplement the salary of any employee with a gift or grant received by CPRIT.  The process for acceptance of a gift by CPRIT is governed by Texas Administrative Code 25 § 702.7.

Since June 14, 2013, CPRIT has received the following gifts or grants:

Donor Name

Donation Amount

Date of Donation

Texas Cancer Coalition Liquidating Trust


Accepted by Oversight Committee May 21, 2014

Marie Mele


Accepted by Chief Executive Officer September 4, 2014

Marie Mele


Accepted by Chief Executive Officer November 5, 2014

Marie Mele


Accepted by Chief Executive Officer December 1, 2014

Telemundo Amarillo


Accepted by Chief Executive Officer October 6, 2015

Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS


Accepted by Chief Executive Officer
August 25, 2016



Accepted by Chief Executive Officer
October 28, 2016

James C. Overcash


Accepted by Chief Executive Officer
November 9, 2016



Accepted by Chief Executive Officer
December 13, 2016


Oversight Committee Political Contribution Disclosure Forms:


Fraud Prevention

To report fraud, waste and/or abuse occurring at the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute (CPRIT), call Red Flag Reporting at 1-877-647-3335, use Client Code: 5124633190 or go to Click here for more information about reporting suspected fraud, waste, or abuse.