Grant ID DP180048
Awarded On August 24, 2018
Title Development of KOR-8287 for the Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Chemo Brain
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism Texas Company Product Development Awards
Institution/Organization Korysso Therapeutics, Inc.
Principal Investigator/Program Director Libby Handel
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $19,953,624*

*Pending contract negotiation

Lay Summary

Chemotherapy is frontline treatment for millions of cancer patients, but it can cause devastating side effects. Some side effects, like nausea, are managed by medicine. But the most common serious side effect, the burning pain, tingling, and loss of sensation in hands and feet, has no effective treatment. This condition, known as chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), is the main reason why patients fail to complete their treatments. Currently, there are no medicines to prevent CIPN.

Chemotherapy may also damage the brain, causing problems with memory and higher cognitive function. This troubling mental fog is called chemo brain, and in some patients, may cause permanent disabili...

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