Grant ID PP120225
Awarded On August 02, 2012
Title LIVESTRONG Fertility Training Module: improving access to fertility preservation information and services for cancer survivors
Program Prevention
Award Mechanism Health Behavior Change Through Public and Professional Education and Training
Institution/Organization LIVESTRONG
Principal Investigator/Program Director Aditi Narayan
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $350,000
Lay Summary

Annually, more than 130,000 patients are diagnosed with cancer during their reproductive years. The 5-year survival rate for these patients is 79%. However, in order to survive their disease, cancer patients often undergo medically necessary treatments that can cause infertility. Research shows that having children is important to many of those diagnosed with cancer and infertility affects a cancer survivor’s long-term quality of life by causing unresolved grief and depression.

Fertility preservation is often possible for people prior to their cancer treatment beginning. Advances in reproductive technologies are evolving, providing options that simply did not exist for cancer patients even a...

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