Grant ID RP120406
Awarded On November 02, 2011
Title A New Role for Triptan Drugs in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization The University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator/Program Director Kevin N Dalby
Cancer Sites Breast
Contracted Amount $1,010,289
Lay Summary

Through a joint translational drug discovery effort the Dalby and Ozpolat laboratories recently discovered a potential new role for an established class of drug in the treatment of breast cancer. We discovered that a member of this drug class showed promising anticancer properties in models of human breast cancer. Significantly, we found evidence for previously unknown signaling pathways in estrogen receptor ER(-), ER(+), triple negative, highly aggressive metastatic and drug resistant (tamoxifen and chemotherapy) breast cancers, which could be exploited therapeutically. Based on our preliminary results we hypothesize that the targeting of a specific receptor, that we discovered to be over-e...

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