Grant ID RP120558
Awarded On November 02, 2011
Title Development of a Novel High-resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy System for Noninvasive in vivo Imaging of Melanoma
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization The University of Texas at San Antonio
Principal Investigator/Program Director Jing Yong Ye
Cancer Sites Skin
Contracted Amount $698,120
Lay Summary

Melanoma is a highly metastatic/spreading skin cancer of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. Melanoma is often diagnosed after metastasis thus leading to a poorer patient survival. All persons are at risk for melanoma, although lighter skin or hair confers a higher risk. New early diagnosis technologies for melanoma are thus urgently needed. An ideal system would be noninvasive imaging that could be used repeatedly by physicians to track small changes in moles/nevi prior to a biopsy. While some noninvasive imaging methods have been explored, they have serious limitations: such as insufficient light penetration and ultrasound contrast, that prevents accurate measurement of thickness, ...

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