Grant ID RP120941
Awarded On March 29, 2012
Title NIR fluorescence imaging for assessment of lymphatics in cancer treatment and recovery
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Bridging the Gap: Early Translational Research Awards
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Principal Investigator/Program Director Eva M Sevick
Cancer Sites Head and Neck
Contracted Amount $605,425
Lay Summary

The lymphatic system is an often overlooked secondary circulation system. The lymphatics are known as the major route for various cancers to spread from the primary disease site to nearby lymph nodes and distant organs. Therefore, the lymphatics frequently are involved in the cancer diagnosis and treatment procedures, and are damaged during the procedures. Lymphedema (LE), a chronic and incurable condition of lymph transport dysfunction that causes swelling and disfigurement, is a common complication after cancer treatment due to the damage to lymphatics. However, the involvement of lymphatics in cancer progression and the cause of LE are not well understood due to the lack of technologies t...

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