Grant ID RP121060
Awarded On March 29, 2012
Title Manufacture, Formulation, and IND-directed Toxicology of the Multifunctional Ceramide Catabolism Inhibitor D-threo-PPMP to enable Phase I Clinical Trials
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Bridging the Gap: Early Translational Research Awards
Institution/Organization Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Barry J Maurer
Cancer Sites Multiple Sites
Contracted Amount $1,000,000
Lay Summary

We have demonstrated that certain cellular waxes, called ‘long chain dihydroceramides’, can kill a variety of adult and pediatric cancer cells in the laboratory. We have determined that a drug, called fenretinide (4-HPR), causes cancer cells, but not normal cells, to increase their levels of certain dihydroceramide waxes up to a hundred-fold. We have determined that a second drug, called D-threo-PPMP, can maintain high levels of these dihydroceramide waxes in cancer cells by preventing the cells from changing them into other types of nontoxic waxes. We have shown that tumors growing in mice respond better to fenretinide + PPMP than they do to fenretinide-alone, and that fenretinide + PPMP is...

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