Grant ID RP130455
Awarded On December 05, 2012
Title Virus Nanoparticles Programmed To Recognize and Treat Ovarian Carcinoma
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization Rice University
Principal Investigator/Program Director Junghae Suh
Cancer Sites Ovary
Contracted Amount $199,999
Lay Summary

In 2012, there are an estimated 22,280 new cases and 15,500 deaths due to ovarian cancer in the U.S. (American Cancer Society). The high number of deaths relative to new cases underscores the dire need for improved therapies for ovarian cancer patients. Current treatment options include surgical removal, chemotherapy, and radiation. Despite the variety of treatment options, ovarian cancer is still the second leading cause of death in women due to cancer of the reproductive system. A promising therapeutic approach in experimental stages is called gene therapy where nucleic acids are delivered to cancer cells to induce the cells to stop growing or even die. Although a number of potential nucle...

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