Grant ID RP140649
Awarded On August 20, 2014
Title Realizing Personalized and Precision Medicine for Melanoma: A Rapid Assay for Measuring ERK Activity
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization The University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator/Program Director Kevin N Dalby
Cancer Sites Melanoma
Contracted Amount $200,000
Lay Summary

Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer killing approximately ten thousand Americans per year, with a disproportionate number residing in Texas. Patients with melanoma have a poor prognosis, because while current targeted therapies are initially effective against the most common forms of melanoma containing a specific type of mutant BRAF kinase, their efficacy is limited by the near universal acquisition of resistance and resulting progressive disease. Our multi-disciplinary team at UT Austin, and MD Anderson has created a way to rapidly quantify the efficacy of current BRAF and MEK inhibitor therapies in melanoma cell lines. We have created a first-generation ERK sensor whose specificity a...

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